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Where the science of technology meets the art of your business.

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Boulevard is an intelligent scheduling solution and comprehensive point of sale system that increases revenue and lowers costs for salons, spas, and other appointment-based businesses.

Business Dashboard

Where science of technology meets art of your business.

Boulevard is an intelligent scheduling solution and comprehensive point of sale system that increases revenue and lowers costs for salons, spas, and other appointment-based businesses.

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Productivity with personality

Celebrity accommodations

Your clients deserve the premium convenience of Boulevard. From simple booking and custom reminders, to seamless check-in and wallet-free checkout, Boulevard is the preferred solution for today's on-demand customer.

Clairvoyant intelligence

Boulevard stores each interaction with every client. Browse your client's social accounts, look up previous service notes, view past appointments, and more. No more digging through old text messages or index card files.

Proactive service, with personality

Build trust with clients by offering branded, personalized interactions. Boulevard helps you identify clients who are past due or haven't booked in a while, so you can easily reach out with a well-timed (but not annoying) message.

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Show Rate: 100%
On-Time Rate: 85%
Carries tension in upper trapezius
Beauty Editor, Elle Magazine
Latex allergy
Prefers lotion, not oil
Avg Visit: $125 every 2 weeks

Boulevard gives you the clarity, collaboration, and control that you need to power your business.

Your Dashboard is cloud-based, so it updates in real time and is accessible from any computer or mobile device. Your business data is always safe, and just a click or tap away.

Let's make it rain.

AI-powered scheduling

Specifically designed to maximize revenue, Boulevard’s artificial intelligence (AI) handles complex scheduling needs such as double-booking, appointment clustering, and automatic adjustments for tardy clients. #nogaps

Team coordination

Boulevard centralizes all of your appointments, customers, employees, inventory, and transactions in one convenient place. You and your team will be connected, coordinated, and on point.

Walletless checkout

Just like Amazon or Uber, we handle point of sale by billing your client's card on file after the appointment is complete. The days of awkward checkouts are over.

Easy does it

Automate all the things

Automation is core to Boulevard. Automated features like text message reminders, inventory monitoring, and custom reports help you finish your daily tasks quicker. Win back your day, so you can have more time with bae.

Math skills not required

Don’t waste your time adding up your daily totals or cutting and pasting into Excel or Quickbooks. Boulevard has a comprehensive library of reports ready for you. If you're feeling frisky, you can always download the raw data for deeper analysis.

Take the wheel

Run your business how you like. Configure your scheduling rules, set working hours, block off times you're unavailable, and review appointment requests as they come in.

Different by design

Relationships with customers can be complex, but the tools to manage them shouldn’t be. Boulevard's design is sophisticated yet intuitive, easy for new staff to learn in minutes, not hours or days.

Integrate your workflow

It takes a lot of tools to run a business smoothly. Boulevard integrates with other best-in-class solutions like Quickbooks, Shopify, Google Calendar and more, stitching together your workflow seamlessly.

Measure performance

Get better insight on how your business is doing. Because Boulevard tracks every aspect of your business, real-time reports are only a click away. Use them to identify opportunities, and determine what’s working best and what needs improvement.

Dedicated success managers

More than a platform, Boulevard is your partner. Our expert team will help you build and grow your business. Email, call or text us anytime.

Big love for the little things...

Drag & Drop Rescheduling

We carefully studied the workflows behind the front desk and built scheduling, rescheduling, and checkout processes to be done in lighting speed.

Staff-Specific Pricing & Durations

Custom staff durations and prices are critical for high-end businesses. Some speed through services and double book, others take their time and babysit the client.

Client-Specific Pricing & Durations

No two clients are alike. We're all too familiar with the type of clients who require extra processing time and the long-term clients who get your grandfathered rate.

Accurate Reporting

How can you grow your revenue if your reporting isn't accurate? Rest assured, Boulevard's reports are both comprehensive and accurate.

Live Updates & Temporary Holds

Forget having to manually refresh the page. All of Boulevard's pages update live, helping you avoid schedule conflicts when multiple users book simultaneously.

Trusted & Secure

Your business and client information is safe with us. We’re not one of those companies that sells your data. That's sketchy and goes against our values.

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